Rifotografare – Volume III

Lama Mocogno and Polinago
Historical settlements and cultural assets forty years later

Italian American Country

Finding Italy in small-town America

The Artist of Electric Guitar

A legend for every vintage guitar aficionado in the world

Explorers Emigrants Citizens

Visual history of the Italian American Experience in the collections of the Library of Congress

World Cup Tickets 1930-2018

A unique collection, an unmissable guide to discover the history of the tickets for the World Cup

Thank you boys

50 years with The Beatles

Eterna Leggenda

The history of Torino football club, one of the greatest teams in history

Il grande Milan nella Grande Guerra

The History of Milan football club during World War I

100 Azzurri

100 years of history of the Italian soccer national team and of the players who made it great

Avanzi di balera

The encyclopedia of Beat bands in Modena, the Italian Liverpool

Senti chi parla

A history of Italian voice actors
through 101 of the most famous quotes of cinema

È l’ora della spesa

Consumer goods through 1950s Italian advertisments

Giro Girotondo

Visual history of Giro d'Italia, Italy’s oldest and most famous bicycle race

Rifotografare – Volume I

Palagano e Prignano
Historical settlements and cultural assets forty years later

Rifotografare – Volume II

Frassinoro, Montefiorino
Historical settlements and cultural assets forty years later

Get Your Pics
on Route 66

Postcards from America's Mother Road

The coffee machines

Cagliari Coffee Collection

La verità sul Titanic

A first hand account of a Titanic survivor

Old Wild West

A booklet and DVD to discover how Italians see the history of the Wild West

I Giochi mai visti

Over 100 years of history of the Olympic Games

Donna è sport

150 years of women sports in Italy

Chi verrebbe a cercarci qui, in questo posto isolato?

The history of the colony of Izieu, where dozens of Jewish children hid in 1943-1944