Explorers Emigrants Citizens

Visual history of the Italian American Experience in the collections of the Library of Congress


Linda Barrett Osborne e Paolo Battaglia
Foreword by Martin Scorsese
Introductions by Antonio Canovi and Mario B. Mignone


24×30, hardcover, over 500 color illustrations







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The authors selected 500 images related to the rich history of Italian Americans from the Library of Congress’s holdings of photographs, maps, posters, letters, films, and sound recordings. The book’s narration is supported by never-before-seen images and offers a fresh and original perspective on the whole experience of Italians in America, from Columbus until today.


It shows the accomplishments of well remembered individuals such as Fiorello LaGuardia, Vince Lombardi, Martin Scorsese, but goes deeper to rediscover people like Giacomo Beltrami, who reached the sources of the Mississippi in 1823 and Joe Petrosino, the first Italian American police officer to lose his life fighting organized crime.

Through photographs of Lewis Hine and others, we see how Italians lived in slums in Eastern cities, in fields and mines in rural America; finally, we see how Italians portrayed America through the works of artists like Carlo Gentile, who photographed southwestern Native Americans in the 1870’s, and Athos Casarini futurist painter and illustrator for Harper’s Weekly.


Each chapter is introduced by essays by Mario B. Mignone and Antonio Canovi.

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